What We Do

Serving the Innocents :: Otino is dedicated to serving the Innocents of the world. In reaching out and providing life through the love of Jesus Christ. Otino’s first priority is to be agent of servanthood and tend to those who are most at need and to those who have suffered at the hands of unspeakable atrocities and who have been denied medical attention because of lack of or non-existent medical infrastructure in the areas of their original ancestral lands or villages.

Saving Souls :: Otino’s main objective is to save lives medically but more importantly to also save souls in the process of providing medicine. Otino works in partnership with local and respected Pastors from the areas of Post conflict to also heal innocents from the inside out. Healing from the inside out encompasses, listening and helping innocents to tell their story and deliberately and intentionally demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ that is available to all. This is done through, prayer, counseling and positive community based education and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Medicine First :: Otino is dedicated to providing medical care to innocents. The medical care is provided in form of a mobile medical service to ensure that not one is left behind. The mobile medical service will stem from immunizations and will progressively grow to a fully equipped mobile medical unit that will service innocents of all walks, creeds and backgrounds of the world.

Education and Empowerment :: Otino aims to also provide sustainable development through education and empowerment of the Innocents. Otino will be working with community elders, pastors and prominent traditional elders to provide health education for women and children to ensure that Innocents make informed choices about their health. With education comes empowerment and Otino aims to provide programmes to empower women for the sake of their children and inevitably their family and to an even larger extent, their extended families through women’s groups focused on education and giving women a voice in their community.