Who We Are

Imat Akelo-Opio

Director Imat Akelo-Opio, has a degree in Biomedical Science/Science, and a Masters in Clinical Data Management. Imat is originally from Uganda and has always had a passion for medicine and health. Imat founded Otino-International in order to reach out and give life to the innocents (previously displaced women and children) of all nationalities, creeds and background.“Otino-International is an amazing adventure that is still continuing to evolve as one the most fulfilling journeys of life. Every woman and child deserves the right to life. Otino-International is based on the foundation of the right to life, both naturally through medicine and spiritually through the gospel. It is my goal that all innocents are saved!”

Patriciah Opio

Patriciah Opio’s extensive experience within the area of analysis, being employed within the Australian banking industry driving operational excellence and managing operations shall see her set up and establish risk assurance, focusing on operational reporting and audit issues that affect what we do within Otino International.Having studied in the field of economics, with particular attention to areas of financial risk; international trade and development; sustainable development and human rights, she is a firm believer of equal opportunity no matter what ethnicity, sex, age or financial status.

Patriciah sees this as tremendous humbling opportunity in enhancing the lives of others and creating a greater life experience for those in need.

Olivia Lido

Olivia Lido was born in Suva, Fiji. “I lived in Fiji until 1986 when my family migrated to Brisbane, Australia. I attended James Cook University from 1998 – 2001 where I completed a combined Bachelor’s degree in Business and Administration (Tourism). I will soon be studying a Masters degree in International relations at Griffith University.“Being from a developing nation like Fiji. I’ve always had the need to help out disadvantaged people. It wasn’t until a missions trip to India last year with YWAM that inspired me in helping communities more in developing nations. If we can start off with the little bit of what we have towards disadvantaged communities. God will supply the rest. (Philippians 4:19) But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

Marn Ying Lum

Marn Ying Lum has a degree in Biomedical Science and worked in public health before moving to the clinical research industry. Having grown up in Singapore and now living in Australia, there has always been easy access to medicine and healthcare. Since becoming a mother in early 2012, she is even more thankful that she has this easy access available, and in turn wants to do her part to help those in need, especially people in disadvantaged communities who are not able to access what they need to live.

Bethel Kidane

Bethel Kidane – Development Associate.Bethel has a degree in International Development. Originally from Ethiopia, Bethel believes that justice and equality are a paradigm shift away, and organizations such as Otino-Internatonal are paving the way for this.When I think of Martin Luther, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela just to name a few, the scripture 2 Timothy 4:7 comes to mind ‘I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. I believe these words are for all us’

Goldie Bishop

Goldie Bishop – Marketing, Communication, PR and Social Media Intern. I am currently completing a degree in International Studies at Deakin University in Melbourne and working within the Pharmacy industry dealing with patients on a day to day basis. I have particular interests in international development, social work and health, with the hope to follow one of these paths into post-graduate study.Having grown up in the Northern Territory of Australia and having travelled quite extensively throughout South East Asia, I have a thriving passion to create equality and improve the health and wellbeing of those in need.As an intern I hope that my work can forge a real difference in the lives of those in Northern Uganda, and that my knowledge and viewpoints can contribute to the Otino team in a positive way. I am very excited about this incredible opportunity.

Brooke Backman

Brooke Backman – Development and Finance Intern. Brooke finished her first degree in Laboratory Medicine and continued her studies by completing postgraduate qualifications in International Health, International and Community Development, International Relations and Public Health. She has also interned with the World Health Organization in Lao PDR and completed her minor thesis focusing on Maternal and Child Health. Brooke endeavours to improve the health of men, women and children, particularly those who are displaced and innocents of war. Aside from health, Brooke is passionate about human trafficking, grassroots foundations and medical anthropology. Otino-International encourages the wonderful combination of medical science, public health and international development and I look forward to both the challenge and the honour of working in such a dedicated NGO and ultimately making a difference.

Beatrice Radihephi

Beatrice Radihephi – Admin Intern.Beatrice is a mother of 2 who was born in Zimbabwe. She moved to Australia in 2001 to study. Beatrice has always been passionate about public health. She has a bachelors degree in nursing, and is currently studying to complete a Masters degree in Occupational Health. Beatrice grew up in very small village in southern Zimbabwe. It was not easy to get access to proper medical attention especially if you had limited financial resources. Seeking medical attention in a bigger town was difficult.“I was fortunate enough to have been brought up in a hardworking family which meant I could always get necessary medical attention. I was brought up by the most caring, most loving and certainly most important woman in my life, my grandmother, who taught me the value of sharing and caring. Living in Australia and working with Otino International gives me the opportunity to out-work the values that my grandmother taught me and to work with the less fortunate to improve public health in communities.”

Dr Wilfred Olila

Dr Wilfred Olila – Country Director (Uganda).
Dr. Olila was born in 1956 in the Lira District of Uganda. He studied at Makerere University Medical School from 1978 to 1983 and was awarded a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery at Makerere University.
From 2004 to 2008 he studied a Master of Medicine. Dr Olila has worked in the medical field for thirty years in various hospitals in various leadership capacities.
Dr. Olila is a member of various medical, business and community development associations as listed below:

  • Uganda Medical and Dental Practitioner Association.
  • Uganda Medical Workers Association.
  • Lira Community Development Association Board Member.
  • Northern Uganda Manufacturer Association.
  • Uganda ENT Association still at Infancy Stage.
  • Chairman Board of Directors New Moroto Oil Millers Company Limited Lira Uganda