Act Now!

Baby getting a polio vaccine

Photograph Credit: Otino International

We invite you to get involved and ACT NOW! Otino invites you to ACT NOW by getting involved in the following areas that will ensure that the Innocents are provided for wholly (spiritually and physically):

  • Prayer :: You can form a prayer group or even pray collectively as a family or as a bible study group for the Innocents of the world.
  • Donate :: You can donate any sum of money that will go towards the facilitation of the current mobile medical unit and  medical team to ensure that they are able to carry out their medical duties and save the Innocents. Donations can be provided in forms of corporate, religious groups, cultural groups, schools and university faculties.

  • Empower :: You can empower an Innocent by working directly with Otino and specifically Sponsoring an Innocent – ie providing medical needs for a particular innocent and her family.
  • Spread the Word :: You can set up fundraisers at your schools, Have Otino-International Days at your universities and let all your friends, peers, colleagues know about Otino.